Zayn Malik Haircut

The Zayn Malik hairstyle has skyrocketed in popularity ever since One Direction exploded onto the pop scene in 2010. And with his recent departure from 1D, a close eye has fallen upon Zayn Malik’s haircut and fashion choices as he tries to re-brand himself from his boy band image. Zayn’s definitely been up to the challenge, trading in his characteristic long hair to experiment with buzz cuts, quiffs, and various hair colors. Zayn Malik’s new hair is still growing out from his buzz cut and it’s anyone’s guess what his next hairstyle will be given the versatility of his hair. For now, check out some pictures of Zayn Malik’s haircuts and hairstyles over the years!

The Zayn Malik Haircut
Zayn Malik Hair
Zayn Malik Haircut

Zayn Malik Hair - Blonde Buzz Cut
Zayn Malik Haircut - Buzz Cut

Zayn Malik Long Hair
Zayn Malik Hairstyle

Zayn Malik Long Hairstyles
Zayn Malik Hairstyles

Zayn Malik Short Haircut - High Fade with Comb Over
Zayn Malik Hairstyle - Quiff

Zayn Malik One Direction Hair
Zayn Malik One Direction Long Hair

Zayn Hairstyle - One Direction Hair

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