Tips, Tricks and Styles for Greasy Hair

We’ve all been there. We aren’t able to shower for whatever reason, or perhaps we used too much conditioner or other hair product. Whatever the reason, greasy hair is rarely glamorous. In fact, those who struggle with greasy hair on a regular basis can quickly grow frustrated and embarrassed over their appearance. If you ever deal with oily locks, either occasionally or on a regular basis, the tips, tricks and styles below will help you get a grip on your mane once and for all.

How to Lessen the Issue of Greasy Hair
If you suddenly find yourself asking, “Why is my hair so greasy?” then think about the products you currently use. If you have recently switched to a shampoo, conditioner or styling product, this new addition to your hair care routine might be causing the oily hair issue. Be sure to wash and rinse your hair thoroughly, effectively removing all products. This usually involves rinsing for at least a few minutes, running fingers through your hairline and the back of the head to tackle any easily missed sections. Using a clarifying treatment once or twice a month can also help to eliminate product buildup. While there is shampoo for greasy hair available for purchase, a clarifying regular treatment will be even more effective.
So why does hair get greasy? It could honestly be something as simple as your water temperature. While hot showers feel best, hair actually requires lukewarm water to be properly rinsed. Cold water is even better, if you can tolerate it. This closes off the hair cuticles and protects your hair from external damage…including grease. Your hair is just like your skin in many ways – it can become dehydrated or oily.
Refrain from using a blowdryer if you are struggling with grease. This can only agitate a greasy hair issue. Instead, allow your hair to air dry or style it in a fun, creative way while it’s still wet. Also, washing hair daily is rarely necessary. In fact, it can lead to an increase in grease. Try a dry shampoo to make hair stay cleaner longer, or add a pinch of baby powder to the hair for a quick fix that will dry up some of the oil and keep locks looking gorgeous for another day or two.
Start styling your hair by using a comb rather than a brush – less oil will work its way down your hair shaft when hair is combed. Flipping your hair over while you comb can also bring more body and lessen the appearance of what causes grime in the hair. Try shampooing your hair upside down for effective cleansing prior to combing and drying. Gently massage your scalp, never rubbing hard. Vigorous rubbing will stimulate oil glands and counterattack any product or method you are using on oily hair. A handheld shower will also make hair cleaner.
One of the best tips when it comes to finding a greasy hair fix is to make sure you’re using products properly. Conditioner is a great example of this – if you want your hair to be less greasy, skip conditioning altogether. If you find that your ends are dry, then use conditioner only on the bottom portion of the hair.

Homemade Solutions for Greasy Hair
Learning how to prevent greasy hair can be as simple as one or a few home remedies. Starting with the baby powder mentioned above, there are a few home remedies you can try to reduce the level of grease and buildup in your hair. A vinegar rinse is also helpful. Combining 1 cup of water with 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, work the mixture into your scalp after shampooing. This is also an easy way to add shine and body to your hair.
If you’re feeling a bit more daring, mix equal parts Witch Hazel and mouth wash (about ¼ cup of each), and then using a cotton ball, apply directly to the scalp. This kills bacteria that can help in making hair not greasy.
Haircuts can also affect the oil level in hair. Ask your stylist to add layers to build up body and prevent the hair from looking limp and uniform. Finally, do your best to relieve stress, as a stressed out body will cause oil glands to overproduce. Exercising daily will distress your mind, body and hair. You can also just take some time each day to be quiet and peaceful in your own distressing way to give yourself a chance to relax and recharge.

How to Hide Greasy Hair If You Can’t Wash It
Sometimes you can’t wash your hair as often as you’d like, either because you’re on a trip or just out of time. Fortunately, there are some affordable and fast tips and tricks you can use when you need to know how to hide greasy hair in a flash.
While you can invest in a cheap hair talc – some cost as little as $2-$3 at your local drugstore, the baby powder method really comes in handy again when you need to hide greasy hair quickly, and will avoid the need for an additional product. If you don’t have baby powder on hand, you can also use baking soda or pure cornstarch. Place your powder of choice on a jar sized lid and tap the powder with a large makeup brush. Shake off the extra and then gently dab it into the scalp along the hairline. Separate in layers and be sure to dab until there is no powder visible.
Another method when it comes to learning how to make hair less greasy involves a piece of cheesecloth or super absorbent gauze pad. Place it over the teeth on your brush and then brush your hair as normal. Much of the oil will be absorbed, and if your hair isn’t too greasy, you can leave the cloth/gauze on for a few days.

Greasy Hair Styles
If you can’t use one of the above solutions and still need to learn how to get rid of greasy hair, try a hairstyle that will get the job done. Greasy hair is actually fantastic for a variety of sleek hairstyles. The following hairstyles will help you to hide greasy hair while looking fabulous:

#1: Sleek Ponytail
Use a bristle brush to move hair out of face. Brush it back and upward into a high ponytail and then secure it with a hair elastic. Secure it very tightly and then set with a setting spray. Smooth the top of your head with the brush after applying hairspray to make hair look super sleek. This is a truly classy style when you’re wondering how to get rid of oily hair appearances.
Sleek PonytailSource

#2: Sleek Bun
After placing hair into a sleek ponytail, twist the length of the pony and then wrap it around the hair elastic, securing with bobby pins or hair grips.
Sleek BunSource

#3: Sleek Side Ponytail
Brush loose hair back and out of the face and then part your hair deeply on one side with a tail end comb and then brush hair down flat on both sides. Pull hair back into a low ponytail, brushing it down flat and accentuating the side part. Secure with an elastic and spray with setting spray. Again run the brush over the top of your head.
Sleek Side PonytailSource

#4: Sleek Side Bun
Just as with the top bun, twist the length of the pony and secure it to the side, behind the ear, your pony is angled toward.
Sleek Side BunSource

#5: Sleek Fishtail
Place small hair elastics throughout your sleek ponytail, leaving space in between. Divide each space into two sections and loop the end of your pony through the space, pulling it through and tightening. After each section is looped, fluff it out for body and a finished look.
Sleek FishtailSource

#6: Sleek Loose Hair
Secure the sides of the hair into a low ponytail underneath the rest of the hair. This will keep your hair long, loose and beautiful without grease weighing it down.

#7: Wrapped Ponytail
Brush hair into a long or middle length ponytail. And then use a loop of wire to wrap a strand of hair around the hair elastic. Secure with a bobby pin.
Wrapped PonytailSource

#8: Double French Braid Crown
Part your hair down the middle and start braiding at the front of the hair on both sides. Secure both sides at the center of the hair with a small elastic, leaving the rest of the hair down. This is also known sometimes as “Dutch braids.”
Double French Braid CrownSource

#9: Full Double French Braids
Also known as “boxer braids”, this is accomplished by parting hair down the middle and utilizing every strand to produce a French braid on each side.
Full Double French BraidsSource

#10: Twisted Top Knot
Spray some dry shampoo away from the hair, rub it into your scalp and brush excess product out. Grab a top section of hair and tie it off and out of the way. Grab the rest of the hair and twist it around into a bun and secure with a thick hair elastic. Then return to the front section, twist it tightly to the side and then wrap it around the bun. Secure with a second thick hair elastic.

#11: Relaxed Bohemian Ponytail
Separate your hair in your natural part and then braid a front section on the side. Halfway down your head, pin it back, pushing it underneath your hair. Repeat on the other side. Secure each with a bobby pin. Gather all hair into a low ponytail, separate into two sections above the elastic and loop the end of the pony through. Fluff it out to make it look fuller and loser.

#12: Banded French Braid
Put a headband into the hair and then section off your hair and French braid it.
Banded French BraidSource

#13: High Bun
Brush hair back into a high ponytail and then twist it around the top of your head. Secure with a hair elastic and bobby pins. Add a bow to the front side of the bun to further conceal dirty hair and make it a bit fancier.
High BunSource

#14: High Braid
Brush long loose hair straight back and pull back into a high ponytail. Braid the length of the hair and secure the bottom with an elastic. Secure flyaways with an olive oil based hair product.
High BraidSource

#15: Braid Crown
Part hair to the side and brush down. Braid a front section of the hair into a French braid down one side of the hair. Repeat on other side. Wrap one side around the back of the head and secure with a pin on top. Repeat with other side, forming a crown. Braid the remaining hair into two braids and wrap around the first two crowned braids, securing with pins again.

#16: Messy Bun
Spray hair back with a dry shampoo and then gather into a high ponytail using just your fingers. Secure with a hair elastic, leaving hair in a loop for the final pullthrough. Wrap the loose end around the elastic and secure with pins. Fluff out the bun, pull out some fine strands around the face and you’re done. You can also add a thick headband or scarf around the front of the head.
Messy BunSource

#17: Double Dutch Low Bun
With hair parted to the side, Dutch braid one side section of hair until you reach the ear – then braid the remainder into a regular braid. Repeat on the other side. Gather the rest of the hair along with the braids into a low bun and secure with an elastic and bobby pins.
Double Dutch Low BunSource

#18: Half French Braid Into Ponytail or Bun
Part hair to the side and then French braid the front section on one side. Secure it into a ponytail at the ear level with the rest of the hair, and loosen some of the braid strands to make it fuller. You can then leave it as is or tie the back of the hair into a bun.
Half French Braid Into PonytailSource

Hairstyles for Black Hair
Natural or relaxed hair can also enjoy basic adaptations of some of the previously listed styles. If you have black hair, try the following hairstyles for greasy hair:

Messy high ponytail
Neat and sleek ponytail
Top Knot
Half Up/Half Down with Top Knot
Center Parted Low Bun
Deep Side Parted Low Ponytail
Deep Side Parted Low Bun
Low Half Braided Ponytail
Low Braided Pigtails

From home remedies to hair styles, knowing how to treat greasy hair will make it much more manageable, and quite honestly, useful. You don’t need to wash your hair every day or have perfectly balanced locks to feel beautiful – sometimes it only takes a bit of creativity and understanding to look amazing regardless of your hair’s current condition.

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