The 2 Most Important Rules When Seeking A New Hairstyle

Finding that PERFECT hairstyle is a huge challenge for many guys, after all everyone is different, we have different facial features, facial structure, head shapes, hair types, hair density and loads of other attributes that go towards finding a complimenting hairstyle.

Humans make up an infinite amount of variations in facial features so of course I can’t go into detail about every little thing that might or might not help you pull off a certain hairstyle, but I’m sure if you keep these 2 simple rules in mind, it will help you greatly in your search for a new hairstyle.
Rule #1: Be Objective
That male model with the perfect sharp jaw line and 8% body fat can surely pull off any number of hairstyles, that’s just how it goes, but just because HE CAN doesn’t mean YOU CAN. You must be objective and ask yourself, is it the hairstyle that’s making him look so good, or can he make any hairstyle look good? Identify your own special attributes and find inspiration that compliments them!
cool mens hairstyleAim For Hairstyles That Compliment You Facial Features!
david beckham comboverSome Guys Can Pull Off Any Hairstyle Most Have To Find What Suits Their Facial Structure
undercut hairstyleBe Objective! Just Because A Hairstyle is Trendy Doesn’t Mean it Suits Everybody
messy hairstyleFacial Structure is ALWAYS a Factor
man bun hairstyleA Sharp Jaw Line is Complimented By Many Hairstyles
Rule #2: Balance is Key
If you have certain features that are prominent, the best thing to do in most cases is balance it out and attract attention AWAY from that feature. For example, if you have large ears that stick out, try and opt for a hairstyle that is longer on the sides as oppose to shorter. If you have a larger or wider forehead maybe go for a hairstyle with a fringe instead of a slick back. Balancing requires you to be in tune with your facial features and is definitely an integral part of finding an ideal hairstyle.
fringe hairstyleA Fringe Is A Great Way To Balance Out A Large Forehead
medium length hairstyleIf You Have Large ears Keep The Sides Longer
IanMcCall_HeadshotIf You Have a Round Head Shape Create The Illusion of Balance With Short Sides and Volume on Top
flow back hairEverything Matters: Hair Texture, Hair Color, Hair Type. Know Yours!
beard and hairstyleIf You Have a Rounder Jaw or Soft Features a Beard is a Great Way To Balance
middle aged man hairstyleAge Appropriateness and Business Suitable Are Also Important Factors
Bonus Tip: Hair grows back, it’s NOT A BIG DEAL.
If you got a haircut that looks terrible on you, at least you took the plunge and had the courage to try it out!

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