Pink Hair Is HERE to Stay!

Pink hairstyles are quite popular, and honestly, we love them all! Ready to give one a whirl? Well, here are our top 20 – all just ready and waiting for a daredevil like you! Wear all year round for a warm fuzzy feeling, even on the coldest nights!

Pink Highlights – Romantic, Funky, Delicate and Sophisticated..
Thinking of pink highlights, one usually pictures an image of saccharine Barbie hair, but pink in highlights or ombre can make very different impressions. It all depends on the hues you pick and how you blend them into your base color. Want to see how it can be? Check the pictures below!
#1: Princess Pink
If you are into the pastel hair trend, light pink is a great hue to diversify any pastel shade you prefer as your base. Pink pairs well with lavender and teal. With lavender, you get no contrast, just a soft compliment to the base color. Great choice!
Lavender Hair with Pink HighlightsSource

#2: Punkin’ Pink Patty
Searching for the ideal pink hair color means not settling for the first appealing hue you lay your eyes upon. This look is achieved by dyeing the top layers of hair, leaving some of the natural darker color at the top. Blunt bob cut looks great in this color, doesn`t it?
pastel pink highlights for brown hairSource

#3: Beige Blonde with Rose Accents
When you’re going for just a subtle pink, search no further! This look incorporates a very light shade of pink that is barely noticeable but is definitely still there. Perhaps you have a family gathering, and you want to stand out, but not give grandma a heart attack..? Ok, then, this is it!
blonde to pastel pink ombreInstagram/ @bescene

#4: Pinks and Browns
Pink highlights can be aptly mixed with your natural hair color, and we like this style so much! With a magenta tone at the top and a bubble gum hue at the bottom, this is a great way to show off a classy multi-colored look, with a t-shirt or a gown!
long brown hair with pink balayage highlightsSource

#5: Tammy Two Tone: Purple and Pink Ombre
Pink ombre involves at least two colors, and they can be both unnatural. This lovely combination with purple up top keeps you guessing what her natural color is, while loving her bright shades all the more! A total standout for sure!
purple to pink long ombre hairSource

#6: Dusty Rose Rides Again
Black hair takes dye differently, and results will vary. This almost violet pink looks amazing, and reminds us of a certain Lip Smackers lip gloss from the 90’s. Richer shades are always possible, but this one is so delicate and sophisticated, that you may never want to go brighter after seeing it.
brown hair with lavender and pastel pink balayageSource

#7: Strawberry Fields, Forever, And Ever
Beautiful red hair is a dream for many, and a reality for seemingly few people. That is why it’s so much fun to dye your hair red. It also gets you more attention, which can be fun! This overtone of red on black is quite attractive and is definitely a departure from the normal redhead color!
brown hair with pink ombre highlightsSource

#8: Bubble Gum Is For Girls
This cute ombre is a gorgeous example of what happens when a stylist is also an artist. The blending is great, and the shades compliment her natural color quite well – so when it grows out a bit, it’ll remain a fabulous hairstyle!
pastel pink hair with brown rootsSource

#9: Paint It Red
Pink highlights against black hair are excellent, because they really give your hair more visual complexity. Some of them are hidden underneath and are only exposed in movement. These black and red stripes are sure to be a favorite!
black hair with pink highlightsSource

10. Pink Duster
The brown hair dyed blonde with pink highlights is adorable. There are layers, like those in Neapolitan ice cream, and this delicious combination has all the elements of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. Though it’s a two-step process, this look can be yours as soon as you schedule your appointment!
Pink Highlights for Brown HairSource

#11: Strawberry Dainty
Pink hair + purple hair = a desire for ice cream…at least over here! We love this shorter, half-and-half color pattern, and how softly the pink stands out against the purple! Wear casually, wear formally…just wear it!
pastel pink wavy bobSource

#12: Pink-Stained Pearl Blonde
This artistic pastel pink combines with magenta to emulate a bright and colorful bird. They often have bright spots on their heads to indicate to the members of the opposite sex that they are potential mates. This hairstyle doesn’t miss the mark either!
short flaxen blonde hair with pink balayageSource

#13: Raspberry Razzmatazz
Here is another take on pink ombre highlights. The dark brown hair is finished with magenta tips, with a hint of raspberry rather than pink. This is for variety! Upgrade the color of your locks by dipping the ends in dye!
black hair with pink endsSource

#14: Subtle Sandra Dee
Not all pink highlights are created equal. As you’ve already seen, pink is a subjective color, much like green or blue. There are endless shades, millions of them, truly, and these are just peachy examples in our book!
light pastel pink balayage highlightsSource

#15: Jumbo Victory Rolls
Black hair can really showcase contrasting colors when dyed correctly. Here is a very interesting set of Victory Rolls, enriched with purplish pink shade and light pink highlights. Blunt heavy bangs tie this look together and send you in a time machine to a slower, different time.
magenta and pink highlights for brown hairSource

#16: Just the Tips, Please
When you want color, light pink is a great accent. It makes those behind you wonder about you, and think, “Hmmm…I may have underestimated her level of coolness!” It’s a matter of perspective, of course, but those of us who will use these shades often have a different view of things.
blonde hair with pink peekaboo highlightsSource

#17: Blood Orange is Still Pink
These blood-orange pink highlights are so perfect for any occasion – they are setting you apart from the crowd in a good way! You’ll probably have to say “thank you” 50 times before the night is through, as everyone will want to comment on this not-so-regular shade of pink!
coral pink bob with brown rootsSource

#18: Hidden Reds
Secret highlights of red hair are buried under this relatively unassuming darker burgundy-brown. The red highlights really bring out the natural red tones present in the main hair color, and if you share a similar shade, you’ll definitely want to consider this look!
dark brown bob with magenta peekaboo highlightsSource

#19: Peach Sherbet
Blonde hair is inarguably the best canvas on which to paint. These strands of strawberry blonde and pastel pink are expertly placed to create fabulous golden pink glow. They are staggered further from the scalp, giving the hair a more dimensional look. Beautiful, to say the least!
strawberry blonde bob with pastel pink highlightsSource

#20: Curly Coral
As we’ve shown you, pink hair has many shades, and we love the variety! This peach pink hue works as an accent for the natural color. It also brings innocence to your look, while showing that you’ve got a fun side, too!
curly brown hair with pastel pink highlightsSource

Pink hairstyles are on the rise, and we are truly in love! Get your creative juices flowing with our suggestions, and make sure to add your own inspiration. Your family may or may not have something to say, but no matter what, you’ll be fabulous in PINK, baby!

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