Line Up Haircut Styles

The line up haircut, also known as the edge up or shape up haircut, is more popular than ever as barbers show off their skills and designs. So what is a line up haircut? It’s a type of haircut that requires straightening of the hairline. This means that, instead of a natural hairline, your barber uses clippers to line up and shave straight lines and sharp angles into your forehead, temples, sideburns and back. The final result is a super clean cut look, especially when combined with a fade haircut.

Here are some of the best line up haircuts and styles, including a few cuts mixed with a comb over, hard part, or beard.
Line Up Haircut
Line Up Haircut

Line Up Hair
Hair Line Up

Haircut With Line
Line Up Hairstyle

Shape Up Haircut
Shape Up Haircut - Lines

Shape Up Haircuts
Shape Up Haircut With Lines

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