Get Busy: 20 Sporty Hairstyles for You

When you decide to commit to a workout regimen, you have to take many things into consideration, and if you’re a woman, one of those things happens to be how to wear your hair. You want a hairstyle that is efficient, won’t interfere with your workout, and still cute. Sporty hairstyles have come a long way from the banal half ponytails or buns of the past and now look good enough to be worn even outside of the gym.

Sporty hairstyles for Girls on the Go
The following athletic hairstyles feature a variety of styling techniques, including braids, twists, buns and ponytails, all of which are versatile enough for the most strenuous of workout routines. If you need a little inspiration for your next fitness hairstyle, perhaps these cute easy ‘dos (and more complicated ones) will do the trick. Now get busy and get to styling, ladies!
#1: Flat Braid
This cute workout hair look proves that sporty hairstyles don’t have to be boring or dated. They can be quite complicated-looking, but the idea of the flat braid that is implemented here can be simplified if you make a regular half pony without those additional braid elements above.
sporty hairstyle with fishtail braidSource

#2: Long Ponytail with Wrap Around Braid
This is one of the cutest athletic hairstyles for long hair, and it is sure to make heads turn and jaws drop. A pony twined with a braid looks much more interesting than a simple pony. Plus it keeps the long strands within the pony from tangling, as you are running or exercising.
ponytail with a braid aroundSource

#3: Two Braids and “Y” Fishtail
Who says that you can only have only one French braid? This workout hairstyle is great for jogging, competitions or any other fitness routine you can think out. There are actually four braids here, two that begin at the top of the head and connected together, and two larger ones parallel braids along the sides of the back.
triple braid sporty hairstyleSource

#4: Messy Twisted Updo.
Sporty hairstyles for girls can be unique and intricate, as evidenced by this photo. This messy, twisted updo is both modern and edgy, while allowing you to get through practically any fitness routine with your hair still intact.
messy fauxhawk updoSource

#5: Braid and Swirl Bun
When working out, sometimes you may desire simple hair ideas that you can still wear after your workout is over, like this cute, braided swirl bun. The hair is placed into a loose French braid and then fashioned into a bun with a fascinating swirl design.
french braid into sporty bun updoSource

#6: Low Twisted Ponytail
Some hairstyles always work and are appropriate for pretty much any activity. A ponytail is one of them. Ideal for long hair and quick to create, this low, twisted ponytail is chic and it’s also a great way to keep your hair out of your face when you’re working out.
low pony with a twist for long hairSource

#7: Braided Bun
A bun is a classic hairstyle for women, but this version is an updated look that belongs also to the sporty hairstyles category. Featuring two side braids placed into a ponytail and then ultimately formed into a bun, this look is definitely a conversation starter.
two braids and a low braided bun updoInstagram/ @yiyayellow

#8: Upside Down Braids with High Chignon
This hairstyle will look great on medium length hair. Create two upside down braids and tie your hair into a high ponytail. Then poof it and fix into voluminous chignon. If you wear long bangs, it is also possible to poof and fix them on the crown.
Upside Down Braids with High ChignonSource

#9: Long Ponytail with Multiple Braids
It can be challenging for long hair to find a hairstyle that keeps all of your hair secure without falling out of place. While not as quick or simple as some of the other gym hairstyles, the multiple braids that make up this ponytail are still worth of a try.
braided sporty ponytail for long hairSource

#10: Messy Bun with Headband
When you simply don’t have time or energy to do a lot to your hair before working out, perhaps fuss-free sporty hairstyles like this one are an appealing way to go. This effortlessly messy bun is accentuated and accessorized with a cute headband that is sure to complement a variety of sporty outfits.
sporty updo with a headbandSource

#11: Neat and Slick Cornrows
Cornrows are one of the oldest and most simple ways to wear your hair when working out. Flattering for long hair, medium length or even shorter hair, cornrows are one of the most popular athletic hairstyles around.
braided rows sporty hairstyleSource

#12: Middle Ponytail with Braided Side
Impossibly cute and stylish, this middle ponytail with a braided side is everything you want in modern gym hairstyles. A loose braid and a tousled pony is a winning combo for a workout and not only.
messy pony with a side braid hairstyle for gymSource

#13: Sleek Dutch Braids into Small Buns
Here’s another great way to style your gym hair. First, plait two similar side dutch braids. Each end of the braid fix with an elastic and form two tight pigtails. The ideal sporty hairstyle, especially for the second-day hair!
Sleek Dutch Braids into Small BunsSource

#14: Mini Buns
Girly and incredibly cute are the best ways to describe this quick workout hair idea. To create it, all you have to do is to pull your hair into ponytails on each side of your head and then form them into two small mini buns. The result is a pretty and polished look.
pigtail buns sporty hairstyleSource

#15: Twisted Fauxhawk and Low Pony
Edgy, modern and guaranteed to make jaws drop, this workout hairstyle was made for long hair. Divide your hair into three sections. Make a twist with the central one and use the side sections as a background for your fauxhawk twist.
simple fauxhawk hairstyle for long hairSource

#16: Fishtail Braid Ponytail
An alternative to the typical gymnastics hairstyles, this long, fishtailed ponytail is good for competitions and also for jogging. Simply pull your hair into a middle ponytail and then create a fishtail braid.
fishtail for gymSource

#17: French Braid Updo
Why not to spice up the classic French braid and get if off of your neck while you’re working out? That is what this French braid updo is perfect for. To recreate it, just French braid your hair and then tuck it under to hide the tail.
simple french braided workout updoSource

#18: Twisted Side Ponytails
Eternally girly and workout-proof, these simple, twisted side ponytails are sure to take you back to your childhood days. Pull your hair into two ponytails high on each side of your head and then twist each pony loosely until you get to the ends and secure them with elastic bands.
two twisted sporty ponytailsSource

#19: Quick Sporty Updo
Going to the gym with the same hairstyle is boring, isn`t it? This simple hairstyle will definitely diversify your workout. Plait a side braid, then make a low ponytail, but don`t pull out your strands fully: leave them in the form of a low loop. Wrap those free ends around the elastic, and be ready to reach new heights!
Quick Sporty UpdoSource

#20: Low Bun with Thick Braids
Well-placed, thick braids can do wonders for an otherwise understated hairstyle. This low bun is given a boost thanks to three cute braids that feed into the bun. What gives this hairstyle additional personality is the effortless, messy feel.
side braids and a bun quick easy updo for gymSource

The listed looks show that sports hairstyles can be practically anything you like as long as they don’t interfere with your fitness routine. The goal is to choose a hairstyle that is equally functional and stylish as you are embarking on your workout journey.

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