Flow Hairstyles For Men

The flow hairstyle, also known as the wings or hockey haircut, is a popular style among surfers, skateboarders, hockey players, hipsters, and even preppy guys. While long flow hairstyles look care-free and are often worn by men with laid-back personalities, the “flow and comb” style itself is actually rather high-maintenance because it requires guys to grow their hair out to a medium long to long hair length. Nevertheless, if you’re searching for examples of cool hockey flow, explore the best men’s flow hairstyles below and get inspired to grow your hair longer.

Flow Hairstyle - Long Wavy Hair Combed Back
Hockey Flow Hairstyles

Men's Flow Haircuts
Flow Hairstyles - Short Sides with Long Textured Comb Over

Flow Haircut - Medium Length
Hockey Player Flow Haircut

Long Flow Haircut For Men
Short Flow Hairstyles For Men

Men's Flowing Hair
Surfer Haircut - Men's Flow

Best Flow Hairstyles For Athletes
Wings Haircut - Hockey Player Hairstyle

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