Best Pomades + Hair Products For Men 2017

Researching and buying the best pomades and hair products for men shouldn’t be hard. But with so many styling products for sale, it can be a challenge picking the best men’s hair pomade. The issue becomes even more daunting when you realize that each pomade works better for a specific hair type, which is why we’ve created a list of the best pomades for men 2017. These men’s hair products will suit your needs whether you have thick, thin, curly, wavy or straight hair, regardless of the hairstyle you want to style and maintain. Definitely check out these pomade reviews before you buy your next hair styling product!

Best Pomades and Hair Products For Men
About Men’s Hair Pomade
Historically, pomades were oil-based, high-shine hair products used to create slick greaser hairstyles such as slicked backs, pomps, and quiffs. While some pomades continue to have oil-based ingredients, the best pomades of today are all water-based, with some adding fiber, clay or paste to increase hold.
Although traditional pomades have a stronger hold and more shine, they are notoriously difficult to wash out. Oil-based pomades can also cause acne breakouts on your scalp or forehead, which is why consumers have shifted towards water-soluble pomades. Because the best water-based pomades for men offer a variety of hold and shine options with the convenience of rinsing out easily, most guys prefer them.
Nowadays, the top pomade brands include Suavecito, Layrite, Baxter of California, Imperial Barber, American Crew, Uppercut, and TIGI Bed Head, among others.
The Best Pomade For Men 2017
If you’re more interested in applying putty, gel or wax when styling your hair, this list of top men’s hair pomades may not be right for you. But if you’re looking to experiment with a high-quality brand good enough to make it to our list of the best pomades of 2017, then these are the hair products you’ll want to try. Here are the most popular pomades for men!


Suavecito Pomade Firme Hold4 ozStrongCheck Price

TIGI Bed Head3 ozMediumCheck Price

Layrite Deluxe Original Pomade4 ozStrongCheck Price

Imperial Barber Classic Pomade6 ozStrongCheck Price

American Crew Pomade3 ozMediumCheck Price

Suavecito Pomade Original Hold4 ozMediumCheck Price

American Crew Firm Hold Styling Gel33.8 ozStrongCheck Price

Uppercut Deluxe Pomade3.5 ozMediumCheck Price

American Crew Fiber3 ozStrongCheck Price

Baxter of California Clay Pomade2 ozStrongCheck Price

Gatsby Moving Rubber2.8 ozStrongCheck Price

Suavecito Pomade Firme Hold
Suavecito Pomade may be the most popular hair product for men right now. Because it’s easy to use, offers a strong hold with moderate shine, and smells great, we highly recommend guys try Suavecito. Plus, it’s a water-based hair pomade, meaning it can be used for all hair types (straight, thick, wavy or curly) and still wash out easily. Whether you want to style a pompadour, slicked back, or comb over, you’ll love Suavecito’s pomade! For maximum styling flexibility with excellent control, check out Suavecito Pomade Firme Hold.
TIGI Bed Head B for Men Matte Separation Workable Wax
Bed Head by TIGI is one of the biggest names in hair care. Made with beeswax, TIGI Bed Head Workable Wax is best for styling textured hairstyles that require a natural, matte finish with quality hold and control. Although not a pomade, this hair styling product for men is easy to work with and perfect for casual use. We recommend the TIGI Bed Head Workable Wax for men with straight hair wanting to style textured or messy hairstyles.
Layrite Deluxe Original Pomade
Layrite is another very well-known and popular water-based pomade brand. As one of the best hair pomades for men, Layrite Deluxe offers a strong-hold without the stiff and flaky feel of gel. Plus, you get a moderate shine with a light vanilla scent that smells great. Because of their unique formula, Layrite’s pomade is versatile enough for a variety of men’s hairstyles. For example, you can style a messy quiff, a textured comb over, or a classic greaser hairstyle like a pompadour or slick back. In the end, you really can’t go wrong with Layrite Pomade!
Imperial Barber Classic Pomade
Imperial Classic Pomade is an industrial-strength styling product with low shine. While it offers a very strong hold, Imperial’s water-based pomade is still easy to rinse out. Guys can style their hair throughout the day or just once in the morning – either way, Imperial Pomade will hold. Moreover, the nice watermelon scent is a subtle but pleasant smell. Ultimately, Imperial Classic Pomade is a quality hair product for men of fine, thick, wavy or curly hair types who want to style a number of different hairstyles.
American Crew Pomade
American Crew Pomade is a classic men’s hair styling product found in most barbershops, salons, and department stores. Their popular water-based pomade offers a medium-hold with high shine. Guys love this pomade brand because it’s easy to work with, provides both flexibility and control, and has a wonderful natural smell. American Crew is well-known for their quality hair products for men, and this pomade doesn’t disappoint. Use this American Crew Pomade to style a wide-range of hairstyles no matter what type of hair you have.
Suavecito Pomade Original Hold
Like the brand’s firm-hold product, the Suavecito Pomade Original Hold is an excellent styling product for men. This medium-hold pomade is creamy, water-soluble and comes with that distinct Suavecito smell. As a pomade that dries firm but doesn’t flake or get crunchy, the original version offers versatility. Guys can use this pomade to style classic, modern or retro hairstyles ranging from the pompadour to the quiff to messy, textured hair. Whether you choose the strong or medium hold product, you’ll be happy with Suavecito.
American Crew Firm Hold Styling Gel
Although we normally recommend pomades over gels, American Crew’s Firm Hold Styling Gel is a unique hair product for men. This alcohol-free formula isn’t a typical gel – it doesn’t flake, crunch, dry out hair, or make it hard to style your hair. As a high-hold, high-shine product that smells like cologne, this American Crew Gel is best for thick, straight hair when you want a spiky, textured, or slick hairstyle. And at $20 for a 33.8 ounce bottle, it’s surprisingly an affordable choice.
Uppercut Deluxe Pomade
Made in Australia, Uppercut Deluxe Pomade is a medium to strong hold styling product. As a water-based pomade with medium shine and a delicious vanilla-coconut scent, Uppercut Deluxe is good for all types of hair that require control. From classic hairstyles (pompadour and slicked back) to modern styles (comb over and mohawk), Uppercut provides the right amount of volume and hold for a quality finish.
American Crew Fiber
If you’re looking for a matte finish to go with a strong-hold, American Crew Fiber may be the best hair product for you. This American Crew men’s styling product contains resinous fibers for pliable control that maximizes hold yet provides the versatility to style your hair the way you want. It applies smoothly with a touch of water for moisture and is perfect for thick, full hair and textured hairstyles. Overall, American Crew Fiber is a great product from an iconic brand.
Baxter of California Clay Pomade
Baxter of California’s Clay Pomade is a luxury brand that offers a strong hold with a matte finish. As a very high-quality pomade without shine, this styling clay is excellent for defining and molding your hair into the textured hairstyle you want. In addition to its versatility, the Clay Pomade provides a strong, pliable hold that will keep your hair looking natural and in place all day. Although it’s on the more expensive side, we recommend Baxter of California for guys with thin and thick hair who want to style combed hairstyles.
Gatsby Moving Rubber Spiky Edge Hair Wax
The Gatsby Moving Rubber Spiky Edge hair product provides the strongest hold in the company’s product line, making it ideal for short, spiky hairstyles. For best results when styling, this hair wax should be worked in while your hair is slightly damp. Hair that is too dry can be difficult to work with and style. As a low-shine hair product that smells amazing, Gatsby Moving Rubber is a good choice if you have thick, coarse hair and want to style a faux hawk or spiked hairstyle. The only downside is that the product can require more effort to wash out.

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