5 New Hairstyle Inspirations for Men

Looking for new hairstyle ideas for men? Check out these 5 cool and modern styles we’ve chosen. These hairstyles work best for guys with straight to wavy hair.

If you have more kinky hair, you will like our top 10 hairstyles for black men.
11312558_1437969606506760_510153049_nA Medium Faded Haircut with Volume on Top
11417491_1460372360929512_790351349_nA Upper Mid Length Fade With A Tight Razor Line and Neatly Styled Hair
11379866_671598856317205_1067561940_nA Greaser Style Haircut. Medium Length Hair Combed with An Oil Based Pomade
11380037_536050473200203_799354950_nA Pompadour Style Haircut with a Medium Fade
11410489_794172954031862_972087666_nA More Wild Style. Medium Length Hair on Top Styled with Wax. Trimmed Sides. Epic Beard.

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