45 Classy Taper Fade Cuts for Men

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The taper fade has been a men’s cut mainstay for years. From a standard look to a creative twist, many different versions of the fade are available from your local barber.
Men’s Taper Fade Cuts
Their popularity is explained by the clean look and an element of interest they introduce into your style thanks to the gradual fade of length on the sides and in the back. Trendy fades often blend with facial hairstyles or feature side designs. Get inspiration from the classy looks below!

#1: Black Hair in a Fade
black low fadeSource
Curly hair can stay natural while still being shown off in a low taper fade. This style is professional and classy, without sacrificing a bit of fun.

#2: Partial Caesar Taper Fade
Combining two different hairstyles into one look is a practice that has been around for quite some time. Nonetheless when it is done right it’s worth mentioning, such as the chic half Caesar, half taper fade cut demonstrated here.
Partial Taper FadeInstagram/ @andyauthentic

#3: Layered Taper Fade
The easiest way to add depth and dimension to your longer hair on the top is to simply incorporate layers throughout. Layers give the taper fade a fuller look, while also revealing the cute wavy curl pattern.
long top taper fadeInstagram/ @don_rommel

#4: Choppy Taper Fade
No one ever said a taper fade haircut couldn’t also be punk-inspired. If you have fairly thick hair, no need to shop it extra short, but getting a fade with a chopped top is not a bad idea. You’ll give your haircut an edgier look that is both modern and great for those who long for a little personalization in their hairstyles. You could also enhance or soften the texture by using more or less styling gel or pomade.
chopped cut taper fadeSource

#5: Flipped Taper Fade
With a flipped quiff your tapered cut gets a bit of pizzazz. This length is pretty short, but if you want to wear it longer, with time you will be able to sport a more dramatic slicked back hairstyle that looks equally good with an undercut and a fade.
taper fade with upswept quiffSource

#6: Taper Fade and Handlebar Moustache
If you love the retro look of Elvis and handlebar moustache of Nick Wooster, then this style is right up your alley. The partial pompadour is not as high and voluminous as full pompadours, which makes it perfect to pair with a tapered cut.
taper fade, beard and handlebar moustache Instagram / @cutsbyerick

#7: Taper Fade for Natural Hair
Black men can always afford sporting bolder, funkier looks. Auburn hair color is a nice compliment to funky, curly twists resolving into a neat taper fade haircut.
side part taper fade with afro top for black menSource

#8: High Top Taper Fade
Paying tribute to the popular 90s hip-hop haircut, here you have a classic high top fade that is paired with a neat fade. Equal parts fun and cool, it is a stylish example of combining haircuts from the past and present to create a unique look that is all your own.
high top skin fadeSource

#9: Asymmetrical Taper Fade
The side part of this haircut is a cute accent that also performs a structural function. Besides, it’s an element introducing asymmetry into your style which always adds interest to the overall look.
side part taper fadeInstagram / @cutsbyerick

#10: High Top with Stretched Hairline
This is not a modest low taper fade, it’s a style full of contrasts and attitude. High top suggests being blessed with thick hair, so if you can pull off the look, why not to make it personalized? A shaved part that continues the hairline and sections off the high top from the fade is a nice feature to add to your new hairstyle.
high top haircut with fade and shaved partSource

#11: Dark Blonde Curly Taper Fade
Embrace your naturally curly hair by trying out this unique version of the taper fade. The silhouette of the cut is inverted trapezoid that lets you to have a neat cut with fairly long hair up top. For styling, finger-comb your hair in all directions.
long top taper fade for thick curly hairSource

#12: Sculpted Taper Fade
Precise, clean and perfectly sculpted are the best attributes to describe just how impressive and flawless this taper fade looks. There is not a hair out of place, and the side part adds even more structure to the style.
brushed back side part taper fadeSource

#13: Kinky Taper Fade
If you want to turn heads while also embracing your individuality, this is definitely the haircut for you. Due to the way it is cut, it can look like an asymmetric taper fade or a taper fade Mohawk.
long top natural taper fadeSource

#14: Mohawk Taper Fade For a Round Face
Keeping with the traditions of a more traditional Mohawk, this version features natural, curly texture and faded undercuts. Mohawk and a clearly-defined facial hairstyle are both very flattering for a round face.
Mohawk FadeInstagram/ @l0u_da_barber

#15: Highlighted Taper Fade
A few well-placed blonde highlights go a long way in adding spice to your look, as evidenced by this chic side part fade. Brushing your hair upward with a shaved side part dividing the sections with different lengths and textures, you get a statement look that can be improved only by an facial hairstyle with precise contours.
brushed up taper fade with a shaved side partSource

#16: Curly Mohawk Taper Fade with Designs
With a taper fade if you opt to leave your hair a bit longer in the back, you get a Mohawk silhouette to your taper. Your taper fade Mohawk can be further upgraded with a square hairline and shaved designs.
taper fade Mohawk with shaved designsSource

#17: Front-Combed Taper Fade
Leaving the front of your hair long is the perfect way to have some fun with finger-combing. With tapered sides, it is a neat hairstyle that still features your fun natural texture from quiff to crown.
taper fade with a quiffSource

#18: Curly Side Part Taper Fade
Shorter on the sides and longer on the top gives a more prominent, photo-ready appearance to your hairstyle. Whether you embrace your natural texture or use a curling iron, a wavy, tapered haircut looks amazing.
long curly top taper fadeSource

#19: High Taper Fade with Design
If you choose to incorporate some shaved designs into your cut, it’s better to go for a high or medium fade instead of a low taper fade. You can go, for example, for some curved lines that will be rhymed with the lines of your facial hairstyle.
black taper fade with shaved linesSource

#20: Taper Fade with V-shaped Nape
Giving a go to your natural texture as a rule offers some really impressive results. The main thing is to work on the edges properly. The angled design at the nape of the neck is just the right finishing touch for this style.
curly top taper fade with nape designSource

#21: Side Part Taper Fade
A taper fade haircut is a great men’s style for various reasons, but one of the best is that you can style it in a few different ways. Highlighted with a stylish side part, this modern taper fade is the perfect combination of conservative and edgy.
fade haircut with a side partSource

#22: Long Top Side-Parted Fade
Hair doesn’t have to be cut to the skin to be classified as a fade. You can choose to keep it long on top and style as a comb over, get closely clipped tapered sides, and add facial hair connected to your hairstyle via sideburns. It’s a trendy way to wear such a style now, but there are really plenty of ways to rock a long fade.
men's side part hairstyle with fade on the sidesSource

#23: Spiked Fade
Taking some inspiration from the ever enduring Mohawk trend, this taper fade haircut features hair gelled up with the sides barely there. Add scruff to bring some distance between punk and modern chic.
Mohawk with side fade for menSource

#24: Fading Into Unique Style
There are many pictures with fades, featuring designs that add a unique touch of creativity to the look. For this cut, a wavy line is etched into the hair at the temple line. Use some product to bring volume to the top section and further accentuate the design.
spiky fade with shaved designSource

#25: Lumberjack Fade
Don’t want to look trendy, but love the comfort of a fade? Go with a thick beard and leave the sides buzzed. The hair atop can do whatever you wish – any style goes with beard trends of today.
high fade with full beardSource

#26: Long Haircut with Beard
If you have searched through images of taper fade haircuts, chances are you’ve found mostly shorter cuts. This doesn’t have to always be the case. You can still enjoy the look of a fade with long hair. Grow out hair on the top, then get the sides and the back closely clipped or faded.
long top, short sides and full beardSource

#27: Creative Fades for Young Men
Younger guys will really love different designs that can be etched into a fade. This zig zag pattern is unique and stunning. It utilizes a clean cut look appropriate for work or school, while still tossing in a bit of rebellion.
high fade with shaven linesSource

#28: Fading for Black Hair
Just as some African-American men will long stand by their perfectly coifed afro, others stick close to a taper fade cut. Black hair works really well for a fade due to its texture, and it’s been a classic look for black men for generations.
men's extra short black haircutSource

#29: Low Fading
A low taper fade cut involves the fade that begins very close to the hairline – there’s no need to get an extreme new look. This light fading looks wonderful on all hair types and face shapes, making it a winning haircut solution for many men.
neat low fadeSource

#30: Brushed Back Handsome
This fade involves mid length hair and carefully edged sides. With a unique angle and all around thickness, this style is popular with various ethnicities. It will work best on thick/coarse hair.
temple and nape fade for thick hairSource

#31: Fun Designs
Fades can include pretty much any type of design, not limited to shapes and even logos! Different types of hair will work well for a unique statement, so no matter what you’ve got in terms of thickness, length or hair color, you can really start a new style. Go with long hair on top and down the middle in the Mohawk form if you really want to show off your chosen design.
mohawk with side designsSource

#32: Fade with Facial Hair
Here’s a popular fade style for men of all ages. If you’re wondering what is a taper fade – this is the best example. Thicker hair on top, faded down into almost shaved sides. Facial hair evolves the idea of the look, starting off very thin and thickening around the chin.
classic taper fade haircut for menSource

#33: Retro Fading
Incredibly popular in the late 80s and into the 90s, this cut is finding fresh fans among the younger generation. This will work best on thick African-American hair. The look can be upgraded with light facial hair sculpting.
high top fade for African American menSource

#34: Curly Natural
This light fade is one for a white guy. If you have naturally curly hair that’s too fine or flimsy for many shapes, this fade will work well for you. You can easily pull off this look if your hair is of medium to thin type.
fade haircut for curly hairSource

#35: Long and Straight Sleekness
Keeping hair long on top, this high taper fade involves cutting hair close to the top of the head and then letting remaining locks flow free. Add a thick yet coifed beard for a finished look.
long top, short sides men's hairstyle with beardSource

#36: Traditional Tapering
Reminiscent of a childhood class picture day, this neat and simple taper incorporates any hair type into a clean cut style the ladies will love. Look your best for a job interview or special occasion with this easy-to-wear style.
classy taper fadeSource

#37: Creative and Seasonal
Celebrate the start of autumn with a leaf etched into the side of your hair cut – it doesn’t get much more unique than that! Of course, you can choose any image to fit the season, a special event or anything else you can dream up.
autumn fade haircut for menSource

#38: Sculpted and Angled
With super straight, defined edges, this classic look is very “middle of the road.” While not quite a high taper fade, it still brings dimension and style to the man’s overall appearance.
short haircut for African American menSource

#39: Sweet Spikes
This low cut is popular with Asian ethnicities, as Asian men have unique hair texture. However, it will look wonderful on a guy of any nationality. The trick here is to find a styling product that works well for you to maintain the fade all day.
Asian spiky haircut for menSource

#40: Wild and Crazy
Sometimes, a fade cut is just a foundation for bigger and better things! In this instance, a wild and curly ‘fro gets a great base with a sculpted under layer.
long curly top tapered haircut for menSource

#41: Suave Smooth Taper
For a mens short cut that is classy and professional, have the length blend (or taper, as your barber would say) and also work with your hair’s natural waves. Be sure to keep the overall styling smooth. The extra length on top is enough to be stylish while still pleasing your mom, girlfriend, and boss.
men's tapered haircut for wavy hairSource

#42: Under Cut or Taper Cut?
Some guys prefer classic styles to trendy ones, such as the undercut. Men who are more conservative in nature can opt for a taper that also features longer hair up top and shorter cut on the sides but has no separation between the top and side sections. This is not your basic corner store haircut. It is special! Smooth and clean styling on medium hair that has been brushed and blow dried back…super fresh. The lower part of the haircut, especially the lines cut around the ears and nape, had better be perfect.
taper haircutSource

#43: Natural Waves
Male hair can have beautiful layers too. Oh, such beautiful layers! The clean side burns are mirrored in the fade at the nape. Working with natural waves is what this look is all about. If you have a taper like this and want to transition to an undercut, you can if you grow your hair a bit longer on top.
Natural WavesInstagram/ @andrewdoeshair

#44: Natural Top Fade
Naturally kinky black hair is made for high top fades! This texture provides volume and length that looks super fresh paired with faded sides. Just be sure to get regular cuts to keep the back smooth.
fade for natural hairSource

#45: Temple Fade for Thick Hair
This cut has a cropped, modern appeal due to the smooth transition from the medium-length hair to the short and shaved back and sides. Make sure the styling product you use is workable. No need for hairspray, just something that will help mold a slight pomp.
taper fade haircutInstagram/ @mister_xclusive

Fade cuts come in so many different styles and lengths, there is certainly one that will work with your hair type and lifestyle. From a professional business look to a laid back college-inspired cut, a taper fade will stylishly accompany you through different phases of your life.

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