40 Short Shag Hairstyles That You Simply Can’t Miss

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These days short hairstyles need to be shaggy to be viewed as modern and stylish. The best thing is they make you look younger and can be adopted for any occasion. The following hairstyles are equally good for straight or curly hair. They are easy to style and maintain, and we honestly believe it’s hard to find anything better in terms of on-trend short hairstyles.
The Most Beautiful Short Shag Hairstyles
Let’s check the ideas.
#1: Short Haircut with Sass
Short Shaggy Bob HaircutSource
Short shag haircuts are popular right now – making a strong comeback from their original 1990s heyday. Perfect for women with thin or flat hair, a shag cut perks things up to bring body, bounce and a whole new life to your locks.

#2: Waves of Color
If you have a natural bent to your hair, then your strands will respond well to a shag cut. The cute silhouette of this style begs to add in some subtle highlights that lighten locks up and accentuate the layers.
Layered Brown Balayage BobSource

#3: Platinum Short Shag
Perhaps you were blonde as a child but your hair has darkened with age. Maybe you want to find out if blondes really do have more fun. Whatever the reason, platinum blonde hair is a pleasure to wear with a shorter cut because it is much easier to maintain.
Platinum Blonde Layered Wavy BobSource

#4: Short Shag Bob
Bob haircuts fit into the shag look perfectly. If you want a short shag, go for a rounded bob cut – it adds fullness to thin hair and offers easy manageability for all hair types.
Short Layered Dark Brown BobSource

#5: Longer Waves
While nineties shags tended to be longer and more cropped toward the face, the modernized take involves hair that is rather free falling. If you’ve ever envied someone’s seemingly natural beach waves, chances are they had their hair cut in a layered style and used a texturizing product to keep things on point.
Wavy Messy Bob With Blonde HighlightsSource

#6: Curls of Tinsel
Curly girls look adorable with shaggy hair. If you want something a bit more different, color your hair a black with silver undertones for a tinsel shine that looks great year round.
Long Curly Pixie HairstyleSource

#7: Short Shag Blunt Cut
Go for a pixie cut next time you’re at the salon – but allow enough length to remain for the shaggy appearance. The blunt, straight-across line of the nape and angled sideburns give a unique appearance to the cut that stands apart from other short shag haircuts.
Layered Ash Blonde PixieSource

#8: Rock Star Shaggy
If you’re a casual, laidback sort of girl, choose a cut that goes with your personality. With bangs and longer layers, this is an incredibly low-maintenance style that still looks put together.
Shaggy Brown Bob With BangsSource

#9: Angled Cut
For women, hair is one of main means of expression – which is why it’s essential to have a cut that makes us feel good about ourselves. A bob cut with angled layers is capable of thinning the face, adding volume to lifeless locks and many other beauty perks.
Layered Wavy Blonde BobSource

#10: Shaggy Silver Style
Short shaggy hairstyles have been popular in recent years, but so have some surprising hair colors. Girls in their teens and twenties are embracing gray and silver hair hues available today. Also known as “granny hair,” this look is truly anything but old fashioned.
Ash Blonde Shaggy Bob With Side BangsSource

#11: A Bold Statement
Update your very short hair cut with a bold hue like this vibrant burgundy when you’re ready for a fun and different look. Keeping the hair longer on top while cropping the sides will produce a look that works for a variety of face shapes.
Layered Auburn PixieSource

#12: Pink of Perfection
Have you ever seen pictures of whimsical hair colors and desired your own colorful makeover? This baby pink hair is the perfect choice for those who can afford to bleach their hair without incurring a lot of damage.
Pastel Pink Wavy BobSource

#13: Short Chopped Cut with Bangs
Short shag hairstyles look sassy and spontaneous, but there’s always a readable silhouette in a short ‘do like this. Messy styles need a fresh cut to look this good.
Shaggy Bob With Choppy BangsSource

#14: Blonde Ambition
Keep your blonde hair looking lively with a short hair cut like this angled bob with shaggy ends. Go for balayage highlights set off by a darker base for a dimensional color everyone wants to have these days.
Blonde Shaggy BobSource

#15: Stacked with Style
Flirty flair can be incorporated into short shag hairstyles with just a bit of wavy texture. It looks effortless, weightless and full of movement, but still full and thick—the best of both worlds.
short shaggy brown blonde hairstyleSource

#16: Feeling Shaggy and Blue
Mermaid inspired, this is a unique addition to the family of short shag hairstyles. Blue can be truly beautiful when it is done right – and this is one stunning example! Nervous about going that bold and bright? Try a temporary dye that lasts for a few weeks.
Choppy Black Bob With Blue HighlightsSource

#17: Modern Sidesweep
With a modern color job that allows roots to peek through, this short, sideswept style is feminine, flattering and free of the hassle associated with long hair. If your hair strands are on the thinner side, this style will work perfectly.
Feathered Ash Blonde BobSource

#18: Waves Go Free
You don’t have to shag your hair so short that there’s nothing left to work with – this style is definitely layered with the telltale feathered ends of a shag – but it can still be easily pulled into a ponytail. Work some highlights into your mane to brighten things up and prevent the look of “weighed down” hair.
Brown Wavy Bob With Subtle HighlightsSource

#19: Punk Style Reinvented
Short shaggy haircuts can blend with other styles, like this example that includes designs etched into the nape undercut. One positive about hair? It grows back! So why not get a little edgy and have some fun with a style that truly makes a statement.
Pixie Bob With Nape UndercutSource

#20: Mature Shag
Women of any age look lovely with shaggy hair, and as we grow older, layered locks can actually hold a secret to youth. As hair ages, it also gets thinner. A shagged cut will give it the desired boost of volume.
Short Shag For Thin HairSource

#21: Short Shag, New Hue
Consider an out-of-the-box hair color like the deep grey. This is one for the salon – an incredibly difficult shade to achieve via home dye kits. Women’s shag cuts vary in texture length and color – but whatever makes you feel the most beautiful is definitely the winner.
Gray Wavy BobSource

#22: Crazy Curls
Bedhead is all the rage because it truly embodies that “I woke up like this” flawless feeling that Beyonce describes. But, you can add a bit of sophistication to the short style with accessories like sunglasses and a scarf to make this an acceptable look outside of the bedroom.
short shag wavy messy curlsSource

#23: Side-Parted Magenta Shag
A shag cut is a technique that uses various choppy layers to create fullness in the crown, and thin fringe around the edges to frame the face. It’s been around for years, so to make it look new and modern, try a punchy color like a bright red to elevate it.
cherry red shaggy bobSource

#24: Sweet Cinnamon
Reddish brown waves are as sweet as cinnamon, but that doesn’t mean that they are juvenile or too youthful for mature women. The key is to keep the length above the shoulders for a sexy and chic textured style.
curly shag red bobSource

#25: Blonde Shaggy Waves and Dark Roots
If you are rocking blonde short shaggy hair with an olive complexion, it is best to darken your roots or leave them your natural dark hue to keep the cool color from clashing with the warm tones in your skin. Play with the balance of light and dark by pairing your look with purple lips and smoky eye makeup.
short tousled hairstyle for fine hairSource

#26: Wine and Fine
This is how you do color in a chic way; the deep grape hue is as delicious as a fine wine. It is also perfect for fine hair because the layered side bangs and messy texture throughout the crown will give you a much needed volume boost.
long messy pixie haircutSource

#27: Blonde Tousled Bob
Straight bangs can be hard to blend with a short haircut, but it can be done with the help of a layered cut. The trick is to let the first layer fall on the same line as the bangs, which will tie them in with the other pieces in the haircut.
blonde short shag bobSource

#28: Rocking Red Lips
This is one of those short shaggy haircuts that are fit for a rock star. You don’t need crazy colors or jazzy designs to set yourself apart from the pack. A messy chin-length cut, bold red lip and a bad girl attitude is all you need.
black tousled short shag bobSource

#29: Lovely Ombre Locks
Ombre is an easy way to incorporate a blonde hue into brown hair without fully committing. It’s a quick fail-proof color option for women who are looking for a change, but are low on the time it takes for maintenance.
tousled bob with blonde balayageSource

#30: Beautiful Brown Bangs
A stacked bob is not just for straight hair, it can work for wavier textures as well. Just keep it straighter in the front to soften and frame the face. It is a great way to get your natural curls into a short shag haircut.
short shag wavy tousled bobSource

#31: Caramel Tinted Curls
Dark curly hair can sometimes look too dense, which is why caramel highlights are so useful. The delicate ribbons of color in a lighter shade can provide definition to individual curls and make your overall look pop. It’s a casual and cute look for any woman.
wavy brunette bob with caramel highlightsSource

#32: Radiant Rose Gold
Metallic may look great with your jewelry, but it can be hard to pull off in a hair color. This style balances blonde and pink for a unique mix that shimmers and sparkles like rose gold. Curling your hair would better show off the variations in color.
blonde wavy bob with pastel pink highlightsSource

#33: Big Bold Sunny Curls
Short shaggy hairstyles don’t always feature some fringe bangs and choppy layers; they are more about the carefree vibe and messy texture. As shown in this photo, big curls can also work for a terrific shag look.
curly messy bobSource

#34: Golden Glamazon
This is another great way to put a spin on the traditional shag style. Soft wavy spikes are unconventional, but somehow incredibly glamorous—especially when paired with bold makeup and ornate earrings.
blonde shaggy pixie Source

#35: Recreating a Classic
A black bob with bangs is a classic style—just think of how many women still love Uma Thurman’s look in Pulp Fiction. But the stringy texture throughout this cut is what makes it edgy and current. It’s perfect for a woman who loves dark romance with an everyday twist.
black shaggy bob with straight across bangsSource

#36: Pop Princess
Pixie cuts can be posh and polished, just like Audrey Hepburn’s memorable mane, but as shown in the pictures before, they can also be edgy and cool. This style is perfect for a teen queen that’s pursuing a career in pop music—it’s the best balance of cute and confident.
funky shaggy pixie for thin hairSource

#37: Inverted and Interesting
Purple is the perfect color to pair with chocolate because the cool tones in it complement the cool tones in the dark brown. The true star of this look is the expert inverted cut that not only looks unique and exciting, but also creates major volume and height within the short style.
shaggy brunette bob with bangsSource

#38: High and Mighty
Take a cropped cut to new heights—literally. By leaving your hair long on top, you have the ability to create many different daring short shag hairstyles including this one. It’s not for every woman, but it is best for a lady who has enough sass and sartorial sense to pull it off.
short hairstyle with long shaggy bangsSource

#39: White Hot
Instead of trying to brighten or tan pale skin, why not to embrace it with a matching pale hair color? This funky, wispy Mohawk definitely has an edge, but the cool factor is elevated exponentially when you take into account the smoky eye makeup and giant hoops.
silver blonde undercut hairstyleSource

#40: Mermaid Mane
You don’t need long flowing locks to tap into your inner mermaid; the look can also work with short shag hairstyles. The blue and white colors and big waves mimic the sun dancing on the ocean. To make sure that your hair remains the focal point, keep your makeup soft and natural.
wavy pastel teal bobInstagram / @salonxvi

What about more ideas for short hair? The brightest short haircuts and hairstyles are offered here. You will be pleased, we guarantee:)

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