40 Gorgeous Wavy Bob Hairstyles with An Extra Touch of Femininity

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Medium length and wavy texture are among the top current picks in women’s hairstyles. In this relation, wavy bob hairstyles are go to options for every day as well as special occasions. As a matter of fact, wavy hair is perceived as a very feminine feature, that’s why most of us love to rock those romantic wavy looks on a daily basis or at least from time to time. We can’t wait to give you a dose of wavy hair inspiration! Read on and you’ll get new ideas on bob cuts and wavy styling…
Cute Wavy Bob Haircuts and Hairstyles to Try This Season
Angled, stacked, graded and A-line bobs are all in favor. Chose the cut according to your hair type and preferred length. Any of these can be worn straight or wavy.
#1: Graduated Wavy Bob Haircut
Long wavy bob hairstyleSource
Long or short, brown or blonde? Women often can’t decide. Luckily, there are such compromise styles like this one. Elongated and highlighted front pieces are something we like so much! These charming soft waves will be flattering for round faces.

#2: Shoulder-Length Wavy Bob Haircut
Let your subtly layered locks graze your shoulders for a very feminine soft wavy look. Do not want it to appear overly sweet? Add blue lowlights for a modern funky quirk.
Long wavy bob with highlightsSource

#3: Shaggy Wavy Bob with Babylights
This sharply angled choppy bob is super hot. The reddish babylights through the edges additionally enhance its main wow-factor. Long bangs will give you that sexy peek-a-boo effect. Fairly irresistible, eh?
Choppy bob with babylightsSource

#4: Wavy Layered Bob with Flicks
Medium length, rounded silhouette and layers are another great idea of a flattering bob for thick hair. If your hair is slightly curly from nature, you’ll get those lovely flicks without any styling. If not, use a large-barrel curling iron to shape the ends.
Layered wavy bob hairstyleSource

#5: Mega-Stylish Bob with Waves
It’s so easy, really. With the current trend on messiness you do not need perfect spirals. Natural-looking imperfect waves are welcome. For naturally curly hair just scrunch your wet locks with a curl enhancer and blow dry. For straight hair, style loose waves with a large barrel curling iron (do not curl the tips, let them stick out), run your fingers through to tousle them a little and add some hairspray for texture and fixation.
Messy wavy bob hairstyleSource

#6: Shaggy Wavy Bob
If you have thick strands, a blunt cut can feel heavy in a medium length hairstyle. Because of this it’s best to incorporate a few light razored layers around the ends to give the cut a bit of airiness and movement. Achieve the piece-y separation that is popular with a bit of styling wax or sea salt spray.
Medium Wavy Balayage HairSource

#7: Toffee Ombre Bob
If low-key best describes your style, this is the look for you. The messier it gets the better it looks, so don’t be afraid to embrace your bed head waves. Plus, ombre is the perfect color technique because it allows you to embrace color without the need of frequent touch-ups.
Long Brown Balayage BobSource

#8: Cute Coffee-Colored Bob
Dark hair is sexy for many reasons—it looks healthier and reflects shine better. These are just a few of those reasons. But, the downside of having dark hair with a wavy bob is that it can look a little too dense. The best way to make it more lightweight is with highlights in a lighter color that will add dimension and break up the cut.
Dark Brown Wavy BobSource

#9: Radiant Red Bob
If Hayley Williams is your spirit animal, take cues from her on how to style this rocking red-orange cut. With such a bright hue, it’s best to keep the style as unfussy as possible. Sexy waves and a side bang are just perfect.
Razored Wavy Red BobInstagram/ @chantalxlaurenxhair

#10: Cute and Classic Bob Cut
A layered bob is good for thick and thin hair. Wispy layers and soft waves create fullness throughout the entire short style, but it doesn’t look blocky. A side bang draws attention to cheekbones creating some sharpness in round faces.
Wavy Ob For Thick HairSource

#11: Sassy Side-Part Wavy Bob
Wearing a long wavy bob can seem counter-productive if you are sporting a short cut for convenience. An angled shoulder-length option is actually more versatile because you can pull your hair into a low ponytail or pin it back on days when you don’t have time to actually do your hair.
Asymmetrical Wavy BobSource

#12: Basic Wavy Bob
In terms of styling, the graduated cut shown in this photo is probably the most common bob hairstyle. This is because the stacking in the back allows for fullness in the cropped style while the long layers around the face provide softness and framing.
Shaggy Wavy Blonde BobSource

#13: Sexy Black Bob
Not everyone’s hair texture is naturally wavy, but that does not mean that sexy tousled waves can’t be achieved with a curling iron. The key is to quickly wrap hair in alternating directions starting from the middle of each strand to keep them from turning into spiral curls.
Long Wavy Brunette Bob HairstyleSource

#14: Deep Wavy Swoop
Medium styles are all about balance. If you are going to wear a heavy side bang in your wavy bob, it’s best to keep the back relatively flat. This will prevent the overall style from looking round like helmet hair.
Messy Lob HairstyleSource

#15: Curly Ombre Bob
Those with naturally curly hair run into a little bit of trouble with short styles because they can sometimes look shapeless. Because of this, it is important to incorporate layers for structure and color for dimension. A subtle ombre at the ends will easily create a feeling of lightness.
Curly Bob HairstyleSource

#16: Straight Cut Wavy Bob
If you have thick straight strands, it’s important to get rid of added weight especially in a blunt cut. This textured look was created with a Donald Scott Carving Comb that creates a fun razored style effortlessly and in no time.
Wavy Hairstyle For Choppy BobSource

#17: Ash Blonde Wavy Style
Make a wavy bob your own with the help of some expert color that is tailored to your skin tone. This beautiful balayage pairs well with her slightly tanned complexion because the ash hues create a good contrast and won’t add any ruddiness.
Blonde Wavy BobSource

#18: Face-Framing Wavy Look
On days when you don’t have time to put on makeup, let your hair color pull double duty and give you some skin beauty benefits as well. By keeping light colors in the front of your style you can instantly brighten your face and give it a youthful glow. This works especially well with bangs that are swooped to the side.
Long Wavy Shaggy BobSource

#19: Blue-Black Angled Bob
An a-line bob is similar to a graduated cut except that it does not have the stacking in the back. This is ideal for wavy cuts because it keeps them from looking too bulky. Blue is a fun color to pair with black because it looks dark when indoors, but really shines when it gets in the light.
Long Angled Black Bob With Blue HighlightsSource

#20: Natural Looking Bob
Sometimes it’s best to stick with the tried and true when it comes to styling your long wavy bob. Natural colors that complement each other will look good at a variety of different events and can easily take you from day to night without needing to change a thing.
Long Wavy Brown Balayage BobSource

#21: Blonde Bob with Side Part
Bob hair styles are great for all face shapes and hair textures, but they look especially ravishing on long faces. The cut highlights the chiseled jawline and the soft waves stop right above the high cheekbones to show them off as well.
Wavy Bob For Fine HairSource

#22: Awesome Angled Bob
The wavy bob is the must-have style of the year. The textured cut is perfect for volume and softening sharp facial features. The angle in the front creates fullness, and the deep side part pulls double duty by also slimming round cheeks.
Shaggy Wavy Angled BobSource

#23: Shoulder-Length Spiraled Bob
While having a curly style with straight bangs used to be seen as a faux pas, it can work with shorter styles because it helps to blend different layers. Straight pieces in the front will frame the face and work especially well to slim chubby cheeks.
Long Wavy Bob With BangsSource

#24: Whimsical Wavy Bob
If you don’t want to cut your long locks, that shouldn’t keep you from rocking a short style. A faux bob is one of the tricks that celebrity stylists use when they want to create a different look for clients on the red carpet.
Faux Bob UpdoSource

#25: Cool Colored Bob
Because the long wavy bob is so popular, sometimes you need to do a little something extra to make it pop—and color is just the trick that you need. Known as red violet, this unique mix of maroon, mauve and rose gold is sure to turn more than a few heads.
Burgundy Ombre Wavy BobSource

#26: Wavy Half-Braided Bob
Wondering how else can you rock your messy bob? A simple half up side braid can add an interesting accent to your casual style. It’s a fun asymmetric twist that will take just another 2 minutes of your styling routine.
Wavy bob with a braidSource

#27: Long Bob with Wavy Ombre
If you want to play with hair hues and try something truly striking like this dramatic black-to-blonde ombre, the basic haircut should be rather simple. Long bob is perfect. Waves will present the fade of color in the most beautiful way.
Long wavy bob with ombreSource

#28: Symmetrical Wavy Bob with Highlights
Beautiful symmetrical face will benefit from a symmetrical hairstyle, like this cute bob without bangs. Add a light wave at the very ends and introduce some sweet babylights to brighten your charming features.
Centre-parted wavy bob hairstyleSource

#29: Short Wavy Bob with Side Bangs
Here is a way to boost thickness of your fine hair strands. Go for the shortest stacked bob version with feathered streaks, get some subtle highlights and style light messy waves.
Short stacked wavy bob for thin hairSource

#30: Wavy Honey Blonde Bob
Layers allow achieving a style where the body is concentrated around your face. A rounded silhouette like this one is universally flattering. It’s not recommended only for women with much extra weight. In this case a lob will look better.
Chin-length wavy bobSource

#31: Wavy Bob for Thick Hair
This is how a bob cut looks on naturally wavy hair. You simply wash your hair, let it air dry and get this beautiful style. You only need a lovely rounded cut shape like this.
Rounded bob haircut for wavy hairSource

#32: Wavy Choppy Bob
Choppy bob looks contemporary and flatter cute girls. This red variant could be your favorite wash-and-go style. A bold hair color is optional. Commonly it’s a good choice for younger girls.
Red wavy bob hairstyleSource

#33: Medium Bob with Wavy Texture
This bob is angled very subtly, so it features practically the same length at the back and front. We love the textured disconnected ends and very light waves, actually just a slight bent, a hint on the wave.
Textured wavy bob haircutSource

#34: A-Line Wavy Bob Hairstyle
When you want a true head-turner, you are supposed to go for something bold and edgy in every relation, like this awesome funky silver blue lob. Ah, so chic, but not for everyone:)
Silver blue wavy lobSource

#35: Chin-Length Bob with Copper Wavy Locks
Chin-length bob with cropped straight bangs is a good way to draw attention to your lips. Scrunch your locks with mousse, backcomb the crown section slightly, straighten the bangs and fix everything with hair spray.
Short red wavy bob hairstyleSource

#36: Feminine Wavy Bob
If you prefer longer hairstyle, you may go for this beautiful feminine peek-a-boo lob. You can wear it free-flowing like in the photo or experiment with asymmetrical hairstyles, half ups and updos.
Long wavy blonde bobSource

#37: Wavy Bob Haircut for Black Women
Here is a good idea for African American women with short natural hair. Get a short bob haircut, pick a lovely hair color and style your bob in fancy waves – lovely and chic!
Short wavy  bob for black womenSource

#38: Golden Blonde Wavy Bob with Dark Roots
This dimensional hairstyle is good for fine or medium hair. You’ll need a texturizing product to get the effect of wet waves. It’s a perfect hairstyle for sunny days!
Wavy bob hairstyle for thin hairSource

#39: Long Blunt Wavy Bob for Thick Hair
We have already discussed the trick of a bob haircut for thick hair. You may end up with a dreaded triangular shape. To bypass this trap, opt for a longer, shoulder length, highlights and curl the edges. So cute!
Wavy lob for thick hairSource

#40: Very Short Wavy Bob Hairstyle
Some girls prefer short lengths, and they do work just fine for wavy texture, especially if you are getting those gorgeous loose wispy waves with razored ends. Pay attention to the fantastic pale blonde hair color idea with the root darkening.
Extra short blonde wavy bobSource

So, have you found your ideal wavy bob here? Usually it takes a few tries to pick up something that is 100% yours. We wish you many gorgeous looks this season! Stay beautiful!

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