21 Top Men’s Fade Haircuts

Fade haircuts and hairstyles have been very popular among men for many years, and this trend will likely carry over into 2017 and beyond. The fade haircut has generally been catered to men with short hair, but lately, guys have been combining a high fade with medium or long hair on top. Whether you’re a White, Black, Latino, or Asian man, the taper fade haircut is a hot and sexy hairstyle for men. Below, check out the best fades online. We’ve included the razor faded pompadour as well as low, medium and high fade haircuts to make sure we’ve got the best men’s fade hairstyles covered.

1. High Bald Fade
Fade Haircut - High Bald Fade
2. High Fade Pompadour
Fade Haircut - High Fade Pompadour

3. High Fade with Long Hair
Fade Haircut - High Fade With Long Hair
4. Taper Fade
Fade Haircut - Taper Fade

5. Curly Hair with Fade
Fade Haircut - Curly Hair With Fade
6. Comb Over Fade
Fade Haircut - Comb Over Fade

7. High Low Fade with Pompadour
Fade Haircut - High Low Fade Pompadour
8. Disconnected Fade
Fade Haircut - Disconnected Fade

9. Low Fade
Fade Haircut - Low Fade
10. High Skin Fade
Fade Haircut - High Skin Fade

11. Low Bald Fade
Fade Haircut - Low Bald Fade
12. Razor Faded Pompadour
Razor Faded Pompadour

13. Faded Mohawk
Fade Haircut - Faded Mohawk
14. Mid Fade
Fade Haircut - Mid Fade
15. Classic Fade
Fade Haircut - Classic Fade
16. Low Skin Fade with Spiky Hair
Low Skin Fade with Spiky Hair
17. Mid Fade with Textured Slick Back
Mid Fade with Textured Slick Back
18. Temple Fade with Comb Over
Temple Fade with Comb Over
19. High Taper Fade with Design
High Taper Fade with Design
20. High Bald Fade with Crew Cut
High Bald Fade with Crew Cut
21. Low Bald Fade with Slick Back
Low Bald Fade with Slick Back

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