20 Sweet and Stylish Soft Ombre Hairstyles

The subtle ombre color technique is trending due to its overall effortlessness and cool-girl vibe that it lends to any hairstyle. Whether your hair is short and straight or long and flowing, a graduated hair color easily elevates your look. From blonde, red and even gray color options, we are sure to have something to excite you in our 20 hairdos below.

Soft Ombre Hairstyles
Today the main message of any fashinable look is effortlessness and naturalness. We wear sport chic outfits and disheveled hairstyles to feel the pulse of our time. When it comes to trendy hair colors, they are always multi-tonal. Subtle ombre gives an effect of naturally faded locks which is very welcome in terms of the mentioned trend on naturalness.
#1: Soft Brown Blonde Waves
The most common idea of ombre is a color fade from dark to light, which is especially helpful for women who want a low maintenance look that promises no worries about root touch-ups. It is also beneficial for long thick hair because it gives your style a weightless effect.
brown blonde ombre for long hairSource
#2: Straight Blunt Lob
This blunt bob is edgy and stylish at the same time, and it looks flattering on many different hair types. Grey hair is extremely on trend, and the cool tones may contrast well with warm complexions.
Asian lob hairstyleSource
#3: Medium Length Curls
This is a great example of a natural-looking brown-red sombre hair color – the ends seem to be lightened by the sun. It shows that the technique can work well with red tones – the hair beautifully fades from the vibrant mahogany hue to the delicate strawberry blonde shade.
reddish brown subtle ombreSource
#4: Waist Length Ombre Curls
If your hair is super long, the dyed ends might seem disconnected from the roots when using this color technique. A simple way out is to incorporate highlights throughout the crown to tie the different colors together.
long hair with brown to blonde ombreSource
#5: Long Natural Brown Blonde Waves
A long layered haircut offers a hairstyle to take your from a work day to weekend. It adds body to your long locks and shows off the play of tones in your hair color so beautifully!
brown into golden blonde ombreSource
#6: Bright Blonde Curls
For a more subtle ombre hair style, try sticking within the same color family. While the color is blonde all over, it noticeably changes from dark blonde at the roots to platinum on the ends; perfect for women who want to dye their hair but maintain their overall color.
subtle blonde ombreSource
#7: Loose Brunette Curls
For a more noticeable look, try a fade from dark to light with fewer highlights throughout the bottom. The result is a cute two-toned style that still seems subdued; a worthy look for a woman who wants to stand out in a professional environment, but remain conservative.
dark brown to caramel ombreSource
#8: Long Hair With Face-Framing Ombre
If you use a lighter tone not as a traditional fade but like a frame, your dye job will definitely stand out from other classic and reverse ombre looks. This mix of light brown and golden blonde is adorable!
light brown hair with golden blonde ombreSource
#9: Medium Length And Soft Color Fade
To create a more realistic sombre style, try incorporating thin highlights or ‘babylights’ throughout your locks for a sunny effortless look. Babylights are time consuming in the stylists chair, but they do grow out naturally with minimal upkeep later on.
light brown sombreSource
#10: Ash Brown Soft Ombre
Long ashy hair gives your overall style an ethereal quality that is mysterious and draws people in. If you grew up obsessed with fairies and princesses, this whimsical style is just for you.
light brown into ashy blonde ombreSource
#11: Long Blonde Highlights
With hair this long, it is important to give your haircut some layers so that it does not drag you down. Being a low-key style with a touch of glam, long blonde curls are always appealing.
long brown blonde ombre hairSource
#12: Long Reddish-Brown Curls
If you are looking for a perfect date look, search no further than this carefree curly sombre. The rich copper locks brighten your face and help you to shine through a night of romance.
long curly red hairstyleSource
#13: Side-Parted Hair With Subtle Ombre
Brunettes with a warm skin tone will benefit from some golden touches in their locks. This sophisticated dark brown into golden blonde ombre features a fairly smooth transition of color that reveals its beauty at fullest thanks to the styling – loose natural-looking curls.
long layered haircut and ombreSource
#14: Glamorous Copper Curls
The next time you are invited to a formal event, try this posh curled style for medium length hair. An elegant take on the wave trend – loose polished curls.
red curly ombre hairstyleSource
#15: Waist-Length Spirals
Here is another fairytale inspired style for women who want to summon their inner Disney princess. This blonde Rapunzel-like sombre will surely inspire some major hair envy—just steer clear of any women who want to lock away your shine!
long curly brown blonde hairstyleSource
#16: Straight and Simple
Sometimes it is best to keep it sweet and simple. This brunette haircut with long layers and natural-looking highlights is a versatile look that is suitable for any occasion.
dark bron hair with caramel highlightsSource
#17: Sunny Soft Ombre
Chunky golden highlights throughout your darker brown style are an easy way to give your overall look a blonde effect without taking on the maintenance of fully lightening your hair. Keeping your roots dark helps to preserve your color even when it starts to grow out.
brown hair with blonde ombre highlightsSource
#18: Blunt Haircut For Straight Hair And Ombre
A blunt haircut is a simple and appealing base for interesting hair color solutions. For a brighter sombre try fading your color from dark brown to light blonde through thin streaks that are getting bolder towards the ends.
brown to blonde ombre for long thick hairSource
#19: Old Hollywood Waves
This look is reminiscent of Blake Lively’s stunning red carpet style. Long brushed out blonde waves are great for making a glamorous statement at your next formal event.
cute blonde sombreSource
#20: Medium Light Copper Curls
Copper brown is an ideal hair color because it instantly lends inner shine to pale complexions and picks up on the golden-red undertones in tan complexions. It is a universally flattering color – its sophistication truly radiates with soft curls.
medium layered copper brown haircutSource
The subtle ombre dye technique is an easy way to enhance your overall hair color without the maintenance required for upkeep. Women with practically any hair color and texture can try this trend, which makes it versatile and ideal for any preferred style.

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