20 Bright Red Hairstyles That Sizzle

These days, it seems everyone is experimenting more and more with color. From green and purple to blue and pink, there are no limits or boundaries when it comes to your locks. However, no color is as fiery as red. Bright red hair has made quite the entrance in recent months, and the flames are only getting bigger and better. Check out these 20 pictures that demonstrate the endless options that come with red.

Modern Red Hairstyles
In this article we are not going to talk about traditional reds, like auburn, muted copper, mahogany, tawny, russet, etc. Modern bright red hairstyles are more vivid and mind-blowing!
#1: Pink-Red with Yellow Highlights
Need color ideas? Here’s one: Don’t restrict yourself to just one color. Go for an unpredictable red look by throwing in some chunky bright yellow highlights.
Yellow Highlights For Red HairSource

#2: Front-and-Center Color
Put that bright red hair on display by designating it to the front. Create a vibrant crimson strip that sweeps across the head like thick, bold bangs.
Black Pixie Bob With Red Highlights In BangsSource

#3: Taste the Rainbow
Pastel, cotton-candy hair may be a hot topic right now, but don’t discount bright, rainbow-colored locks! Make a statement by making your red hair a part of a multi-colored masterpiece. This look is especially great on ladies with long hair as you have more “space” for all the colors you want to incorporate. Go nuts!
Rainbow Ombre HairSource

#4: Ravishing in Orangey Red
Red hair is not one-color-fits-all. There are various shades and directions you can go. For example, try on an orangey red ombre that starts bold and ends in a washed, almost-white shade. The key to this is making sure the color transition is well-blended.
Black To Orange OmbreSource

#5: Red Hair, Two Ways
There are many ways to ensure you’re maximizing your bright red ombre hair. Going the straight and narrow route demonstrates every detail in the color transition (especially when it’s done right). Wearing it loose and curly can add dimension and make the color pop unexpectedly. Try both on for size!
Hot Pink Ombre HairSource

#6: Red Bob
Accentuate your quite natural bright red locks with the trendiest haircut for girls on the block. Complement the color right with a chic long bob … and add some beachy waves while you’re at it. Simply curl the hair outward, away from the face with a flat iron and leave the ends untouched. Then, fluff the style, spritz it with hairspray and be on your way.
Red Wavy LobSource

#7: Multi-Colored Braided Waves
If you’re rocking a look with more than two hair colors involved, braided hairstyles are the best way to go, as they weave the colors together like a tapestry. Try a thick pancake braid along the side of your head and tug at it to make it fuller-looking.
Red Hair With Blue And Orange HighlightsSource

#8: Long Flaming Locks
Have some fun with bright red hair color by using it two ways. Try a two-toned look that starts off with a deep burgundy and ends in a bright almost-orange shade.
Burgundy To Red OmbreSource

#9: From Darkness to Light
If you can’t commit to a full head of red, take baby steps and give a scarlet ombre ‘do a whirl first. The beauty of this look is that you get the bright bold color without the long-term commitment, as you can grow the look out without any maintenance involved.
Scarlet Ombre HairSource

#10: Flashes of Fiery Red Hair
Your dark raven hair will be bolder than ever when coupled with thick red flashes of color. The red will serve as a stark contrast, standing out no matter how you style your locks!
Two-Tone Black And Red HairSource

#11: Neon Braided ‘Do
Mix up that bright red hair dye with more hot shades like orange and yellow using the tortoise-shell technique. This process places color throughout the hair strategically and sporadically, creating a mosaic effect. When used with neon colors and styled in a braid, the results are magic.
Pink To Yellow OmbreSource

#12: Punk, Red Pixie
Take your short, layered pixie to the next level by dying it a dark bright red color. If cared for properly, the color will keep its shine and vibrancy, and you will be turning heads everywhere you go.
Long Red Pixie HairstyleSource

#13: Super-Short Crimson Cut
Who says curly hair can’t go super short? Keep those curls under control by chopping them into a pixie cut and adding some red and yellow shading to make them pop.
Red Curly Pixie For Thick HairSource

#14: Shaved and Red-Y to Go
If the bright red hair color isn’t bold enough, go the extra mile and shave a side of your head into a cool, razored design. The look is completely punk and totally extreme!
Women's Long Hairstyle With Side UndershaveSource

#15: Loose and Lovely Locks
If you want to give people a lesson on how to get bright red hair and make it look good, just throw in a three-toned ombre and some soft, effortless curls. The red-to-orange-to-yellow color transition will look amazing when waved, making you the envy of everyone around.
Curly Red And Orange Ombre LobSource

#16: Red Mohawk
Nothing is edgier than a shaved-up mohawk, except maybe this particular pink-red shaved-up mohawk! Trim the hair along both sides of the head and keep the center section long so you have some versatility in styling. Add crimson hair color for the long section, and you will be a full-blown punk.
Women's Short Red MohawkSource

#17: Double-Trouble Braids
In search of hairstyles for bright red hair that people will never forget? Split the hair down the middle and dye one side a bright scarlett and the other side a raven black or rich navy blue. The results are jaw-dropping to say the least, and no one will ever accuse you of being timid when it comes to your hair.
Half Red Half Black HairSource

#18: Crayon-Colored Curls
Think outside the box and give your red hair a boost of extra color. Try a high-powered ‘do that features bright, red roots that transition to rainbow-colored chunks in blue, purple and yellow.
Red And Purple HairSource

#19: Romantically Red
Red hair can be very classy when styled and accessorized correctly. Try a thick, braided crown topped off with a jeweled headband. You will be one fancy lady.
Braided Crimson UpdoSource

#20: Fiery Fuchsia
Bright red hair just got brighter, thanks to the magic of braids. Try an intricate fishtail braid that will show off your red locks and any highlights you incorporate into the style.
Scarlet To Pink OmbreSource

Now that you’ve seen the amazing effects that can come from bright red hair, it’s time to make one of these ‘dos your own. Whip out that hair dye and give your locks a crimson-colored makeover.

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